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Peek Nuts Manufacturer, Supplier & Stockist in India

Caliber Enterprises is a leading Peek Nuts Manufacturer in India. Our company's ultimate goal is to provide customers with quick delivery, low prices, and high-quality Peek Nuts, and our brand name is well-known for this. Caliber Enterprises provides our customers with an unrivalled selection of grades. We offer Peek Nuts in a variety of materials, including Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, High Tensile, Inconel, Monel, and Hastelloy we also offer Peek Nuts in a variety of standards, including ASTM, ASME, ANSI, UNS, and DIN.

Caliber Enterprises offers a wide range of Peek Nuts from 1/2" to 1/4" sizes and metric sizes diameter. The screws are available in various widths and lengths. The company provides customised solutions to meet the needs of its customers. We are a well-equipped manufacturing facility that ensures product delivery on time.

Peek Nuts Manufacturers in India

Peek Nuts Manufacturer, Peek Nuts Supplier, Peek Nuts Stockist in India

Caliber Enterprises is a Mumbai, Maharashtra based Peek Nuts Manufacturer, Supplier Exporter and Dealer of the comprehensive wide range of Peek Nuts and other peek screw, fastener types as Peek Nuts, Peek Allen Cap Screw DIN 912 and Peek Allen CSK DIN 7991. The company was started in the year 2005 and is offering best quality Peek Nuts and its types more that include different kinds of Peek Nuts since then.

Peek Nuts is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the most common nuts are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and thread patterns. Depending on the application, screws are frequently arranged. We manufacture and supply high-quality Peek Nuts in a variety of sizes and grades at our one-of-a-kind manufacturing facility.

Peek Nuts Specification & Sizes

Peek Nuts Specification
Thread Size: M3 ~ M6
Heat Resistance Temperature: 260℃
Strength and load capacity: 350°F (175°C).
Main Body: peek GF30 (peek Containing Glass Fiber) (Light Brown) (Glass Fiber 30%)
Standard & Screw Thread Types: Class 1 & Metric Coarse

Peek Fastener Chemical Composition

Chemical Composition
Carbon (C): 70-72%
Oxygen (O):12-14%
Hydrogen (H):8-10%
Nitrogen (N):6-8%

Peek Fastener Mechanical Properties

Mechanical Properties
Peek Nuts Tensile Data
Temperature (FF / C) Peek Unfilled (ksi) Peek 30% Glass (ksi) Peek 30% Carbon (ksi) Peek Extreme (ksi)
75 / 23 14.5 26.1 37.8 47.8
260 / 125
16.7 23.2 31.9
350 / 175
8.7 12.3 21
530 / 275
5 6.3 12.3

Best Peek Nuts Supplier types

Peek Nuts Details

Peek Nuts are classified as semicrystalline thermoplastic and high purity polymer, offering excellent mechanical strength and chemical resistance at high temperatures. Peek screws offer a high strength alternative to PTFE fluoropolymers. Excellent resistance to thermal degradation (chemical decomposition caused by heat). They are often used in environments where high strength, stiffness, and chemical resistance are required as a result we are known as a leading Peek Nuts Manufacturer. Caliber Enterprise is also a leading exporter of high-quality Peek Nuts and other Fasteners. All our Peek Nuts, fasteners meet the requirements of International Quality Standards(IQS) and can be used anywhere around the world without any issues.

Applications, and Uses of Peek Nuts

  • Used in Oil, and Gas Industry.
  • Used in Ship Building Industry.
  • Used in Power, and Telecom Industries.
  • Used in Food, Beverage, and Dairy
  • Used in Municipal and Utility.
  • Used in Mining and Construction.
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Peek Nuts Design

Peek flat head screws (also known as Polyetheretherketone) have a unique combination of properties that make them suitable for some of the most extreme applications. Peek is a semicrystalline thermoplastic polymer with high purity that has excellent mechanical strength and chemical resistance at high temperatures. Peek flat head screws are a high-strength substitute for PTFE fluoropolymers.
1. The 55067-U one-piece fitting is easy to use because the ferrule will not stick in a receiving port and can easily be found if dropped on the floor. The two-piece fitting has a separate ferrule, allowing you to replace just the ferrule rather than the entire unit. The Upchurch Peek Fingertight fittings are designed for use with 1/16′′ O.D. tubing and can withstand pressures of up to 6,000 psi (420 kg/cm2).
2. Thread type and size: Peek screw can have a variety of thread types and sizes, including metric, UNC, UNF, and others. The thread type and size should be chosen based on the mating component and the required load capacity.
3. Head type: Peek screw can have different head types, such as hex head, pan head, or flat head, depending on the specific application requirements.

Caliber Enterprises is leading Peek Nuts Supplier & Exporter and exports to more than 200+ countries.

We provide Peek Nuts and other products as per the requirements of the client. We are a well-known manufacturer, supplier, dealer and exporters of Peek Nuts and other Fasteners. We export our products to more than 100+ countries. With our sales offices in major cities of India we have achieved more reputation and completed our sales target before the year end. We believe in providing quality products and services.

All our Peek Nuts Fasteners meet International Quality Standards (IQS).

Our objective is to provide customers with quality products at competitive price and when required. Specializing in the manufacturing of Standard, non Standard fasteners as per clients specification/drawings. Our range of products satisfies every exacting Engineering need. The aim is to not just do things right, but finding ways of doing things better.

Caliber Fasteners is leading Peek Nuts Supplier in India.

We are leading peek screw supplier in India, dealing different types such as bolts, nuts and other fasteners in most of Indian cities. Due to our increasing sales and demand for peek screw we have opened our sales offices and warehousing facilities in major metro cities of India. We currently have our sales offices in more than 15 Indian States and more than 30+ Indian Cities. We also supply our peek screw to other Indian cities mentioned below.

The list of top cities in India
Mumbai Bangalore Hyderabad Pune Gandhinagar Nashik
Chennai Kolkata Ahmedabad Delhi Thane Vadodara
Jaipur Surat Chandigarh Kochi Vapi Rajot
Visakhapatnam Gurugram Indore Coimbatore Kanpur Rohtak
Agra Lucknow Bhubaneswar Patna Navi Mumbai Vasai
Nagpur Noida Bhopal Vijayawada Ludhiana Hariyana

All Peek Nuts Fasteners are Quality Tested. We are ISO 9001:2018 certified company.

Each and every Peek Nuts Suppliers, delivered under the name of Caliber Enterprises has been exclusively manufactured in India using the most up-to-date technology. time-tested, and skilled resources. At Caliber Enterprises we understand that high-quality is possible only when excellence is upheld at every stage of the process. We Believe in standing up to challenges for better product performance and services.

We are Peek Nuts Supplier & Exporter in the following countries

Caliber Enterprises is a leading Peek Nuts Exporter in India, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, UAE, Mexico and more than 90+ categories. We are high-quality Nut Bolts, Peek Nuts, Peek Nuts, Peek Allen Cap Screw Supplier, Exporter & Stockist.

Countries we supply
Saudi Arabia Oman Kuwait China Netherlands
United States Sri Lanka Brazil Bahrain Qatar
Africa China Bangladesh Nigeria Mexico
Venezuela United Kingdom South Africa Malaysia Turkey
Australia Singapore CanadaUAE Iran

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